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About us

Welcome to Launchbyte with Bosslee.

The Past

First, let me share with you some history of the site. This site used to be a place where we hosted our podcast - Launchbyte Podcast. It started in 2013 and I did it with my good friend Chris. You can still find the podcasts here.

When Chris and I first started, we wanted an outlet to talk about tech. During that time podcast wasn't a thing yet. We had to go into an actual recording studio to do a recording. It also gave me an experience into recording, making things and getting it out there.

Now there are tons of apps and services out there to help you make podcasts. Heck, you can even record straight from your phone now. Anchor is a good example and they had just been acquired by Spotify.

Throughout the years there are lots of on and off in making the shows. It was really hard to stay committed especially with our work plus podcasts was not picking up too. However we did had a lot of fun, especially those crazy Youtube videos and you will never guess that we actually interviewed the Carousell Founders on our show before.

Since there are little updates, we have moved the hosting over to Anchor. This makes maintenance easier too. One day, we can share with our kids the funny things we do.

The Future

I thought the domain name brings back a lot of memories and I do not want to waste it just to be sitting around so I decided to pick it up again. This time, hopefully making it into something more useful. Something that brings more value to the people.

Currently, the content here focus on e-commerce. I hope you it useful.